Ergonomics and Safety Services

Whether you are a business manager or an employee, and whether you are interested in prevention or already have an injury that affects your ability to work, ergo SAVVY services can help.  

We have a 60-year background in ergonomics, safety, occupational health, and business, so we understand the issues you face and know how to devise effective solutions.

As we work together, you can trust that our services are always:

  • Collaborative - We work with employees, managers, and medical professionals to develop a coordinated approach that works for everyone.
  • Customized - We take the whole person into account and create customized solutions that fit their needs, and their entire life.
  • Creative - We focus on solutions that are easy to understand and implement.
  • Ergonomics Services

    Get a personalized evaluation to pinpoint the source of discomfort or injury along with effective, easy-to-implement solutions.  Ideal for prevention, too.  Learn more >

  • Safety Services

  • Ergonomics and Safety Training

    Learn and have fun with interactive workshops on a variety of interesting ergonomics topics.  A great way to engage and inspire entire teams or groups.  Learn more >


    Not sure where to start or if ergoSAVVY services are right for you?  Contact us with questions any time: (425) 248-8490, or

  • Injury Management

    Benefit from knowledgeable, responsive coordination of services that help an injured worker navigate medical care and workplace issues so they can safely return to work.  Also saves employers time and money.  Learn more >