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What is an ergo SAVVY Save

 It is an easier way of performing a task while at work or play that improves efficiency and comfort.   

THANKS to our customers who have sent in an ergo SAVVY Save--quick and easy ergonomic solutions!! 

 If you have an ergo SAVVY Save  that you would like to submit for review and possible publication please contact us.


Small adjustments can often make a big difference in your comfort. 

We found this SAVVY Save in AARP The Magazine that suggests slightly tilting up your rearview mirror which will make you sit up a little straighter to see clearly behind you.  Most of us have a tendency to slouch a little while sitting for long periods of time.  This small change serves as a great reminder to straighten up!


When you are knitting or crocheting do you find yourself in an awkward posture trying to see your work?

Betsy, from Hartford, sent in this SAVVY Save that demonstrates how much better a knitter can view the individual stitches when their needles contrast with the yarn color.  Just as lighting and font/background contrast assist with office ergonomics, the same principles apply to other activities such as knitting.  Thanks, Betsy!

Contrasting color of needles and yarn demonstrates how a knitter can view individual stitches resulting in a more relaxed and neutral posture. It is difficult to view individual stitches when using similar colored needles and yarn resulting in awkward forward posture to view knitting and often mistakes and dropped stitches result.***********************************************************************************

Are you working in a non-neutral posture? 

Consider these tips to add a simple tilt to achieve more neutral posture with use of:


Many of you like to use your laptop and be with the family at the same time.  You may work in awkward postures, with head forward to view the screen. Read more about an ergo SAVVY Save.

Forward head posture creates stress on neck, shoulders, back AND laptop becomes “hot”.

SAVVY Save™: With the aid of a tilting laptop base, the screen and keyboard are moved to a more neutral posture AND laptop is cooled at the same time!











Bob, from Redmond, demonstates how playing a dulcimer presented awkward and non-neutral postures AND difficulty striking the correct strings.  Thanks, Bob for your unique solution and ergo SAVVY Save!

Head forward and tensed shoulders create stress and discomfort.

SAVVY Save™: A snare drum stand provides adjustability in height and tilt to position dulcimer for neutral posture. AND striking the right strings became easier!












First, review the FAQ quick check on how to find the correct height for your monitor under section "Organizing Your Environment Ergonomically". 

Second, If your monitor is not high enough then you can do an ergo SAVVY Save and use a book, ream of paper, notebook, or other object--I did see an empty paint can used once,  to raise monitor to the level that works for you.



Elevated Recipe Card IDEAS:

Mylene, from Seattle, demonstrates an ergo SAVVY Save through the use of a sticky clip that holds a recipe at eye level preventing neck and shoulder discomfort.  Thanks, Mylene!


Elevated recipe with sticky holder allows Mylene to have neutral posture resulting in a smile!

Recipe on counter top resulted in shoulder/back pain AND may lead to errors due to viewing distance.


AND another SAVVY SAVE for ergo posture, using a clip style coat hanger, while reading recipes!

Slanted Mouse Rest:

When a mouse is used it sometimes results in an awkward, non neutral posture or increased grasp to move on flat surface.  Try one of those 3 ring binders that you have that you no longer use.  Also, the "slant" can be changed based on the size of the binder edge and you can also adjust by adding paper inside of binder to decrease/increase " tilt" angle.

Mouse on tilted surface shows neutral posture, increased ease and comfort of use.

Awkward, bent rest posture while holding mouse.


Document Holder:

Documents placed flat on desk require awkward head/neck forward posture to view.  A 3 ring binder can be used as document holder, elevating document and avoiding awkward head/neck posture and potential musculoskeletal discomfort and head/neck pain.

Document raised to eye level with increased comfort AND efficiency with viewing.

Document is flat on desk requiring awkward forward head/neck posture to view.


Send us your ergo SAVVY Save ideas.  Working together to BE ergo SAVVY  !