ergo SAVVY Safety Services are a great way to engage a whole team or department and share important tips and practices for working safely, comfortably, and efficiency. 

We have a 60-year background in safety, health, and business, so we understand the issues you face and know how to help you devise and implement effective solutions.

As we work together, you can trust that our services are always:

  • Collaborative - We work with employees and managers to develop a coordinated approach that works for everyone.
  • Customized - We take the whole business need into account and help you create customized solutions that fit your needs.
  • Creative - We focus on solutions that are easy to understand and implement.


(1) Auditing – we can assist with both compliance and program audits:

          Compliance audits – review of rules and regulations to help insure your program meets government requirements such as OSHA or you State regulatory agency if applicable.  We can also assist with self insurance application audits to see if you meet your State or Federal requirements.

          Program audits – review your individual company safety programs assist with implementation of all or parts of the program.

(2) Risk Control Consultation – We can review your workplace to help discover potential safety issues that can lead to injury.  This is at least, if not more important, than focusing on regulatory compliance. 

(3) Safety Training – We offer a wide variety of safety trainings that can be customized for your program needs. 


Think a Safety Training program might be right for your group or team? We'd love to create an agenda just for you.  Contact us at (425) 248-8490, or