General Workstation Design Principles: Production and Non-Office

Design principles are best if integrated at the early design stage to avoid re-work

  • Workstations are adjustable enabling large and small workers to fit and reach
  • All materials and tools are in front of worker to reduce twisting
  •  Work surface is:
    • Above elbow height for fine visual detail tasks 
    • Below elbow height for task requiring downward forces & heavy effort
  • Work is tilted to reduce need to bend the back or head forward
  • Adjustable chairs provided so workers are able to alternate between sitting and standing
  • Dials and displays are simple, logical and easy to read, reach and operate
  • Minimal arm movements/extensions > 15 inches
  • Minimized extreme environmental conditions (noise, heat, cold, humidity, lighting)
  • Review of proposed work design with workers who will do the work for their input is key.


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