An injury that affects an individual's work life can be stressful for the employee and for the business.  Complex issues often arise.  We understand, and we have years of experience navigating the process and creating solutions that work for everyone involved.

What is Injury Management?

Injury Management is the comprehensive coordination of services that provide an injured worker with appropriate medical treatment, training, and workplace accommodation so they can safely and productively work.

Injury Management is good for business, too.  Since it is usually more cost-effective to keep good workers than train new ones, We do everything we can to maintain positive work relationships.


Injury Management includes:

  • Coordination with medical professionals ("navigating the system")
  • Thorough review of medical restrictions
  • Assessment of work tasks to make sure the employee receives proper assistance and that the work relationship will benefit both the employee and the business
  • Help implementing changes in the workplace and at home
  • Connection to equipment and aids required to accommodate the injury
  • Education of injured employee on process, restrictions, etc
  • Ongoing support and guidance, as needed


Helping an injured employee safely and productively return to work is good for the individual and the business.

Employee benefits from:

  • Reduced stress and time spent trying to navigate an unfamiliar process.
  • Confidence of having a knowledgeable, trusted advocate.
  • Ability to return to work, which dramatically affects financial and emotional well-being.

Employers benefit from:

  • Decreased costs associated with insurance premiums and replacing trained employees.
  • Retention of valuable trained employee.
  • Consistency and continuity within teams.
  • Efficiency improvements generated from our review of systems and work tasks.


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