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It is important to take the time to eliminate glare and reflections on your monitor for ease of viewing and comfort. 

To control daylight, use blinds (with front edge tilted up to allow some light to enter without creating glare), shades, or drapes, or other glare-reducing measure.  Use indirect or reduced lighting to avoid bright spots on your display screen.

Consider these tips for reducing glare:

  • Move your monitor to a place where glare and bright reflections are reduced or eliminated
  • Turn off or reduce ceiling lights and use task lighting
  • If you are unable to reduce ceiling lights, re-position your monitor between rows of lights instead of directly beneath lights
  • Try a glare reduction filter--there are many different types so try to see what allows you to view the monitor the best
  • Some people wear a hat/visor to limit glare to their eyes
  • You may want to consider putting a shield on the top of your monitor--some use a piece of cardboard that extends out over the monitor top front edge.  You will need to be aware of placement to avoid any safety issues.

You should avoid tilting your monitor in a way that leads to an uncomfortable back, head or neck posture!


Last updated on May 1, 2010 by Ellen Meyer