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A virtual assessment is done using a web cam to allow for us to remotely view

  • your work area-wherever it is located, and
  • your tasks 

You may have a PC or laptop with a built in camera which allows a view of you working from the front. 

The web cam that we send provides a full assessment, with additional 360 degree views, including:

  • Side working posture views,
  • Work area arrangement for a full assessment.  

We want to be able to see the position of your arms/hands as well as the location of those articles you use frequently, like phone or documents.

This easy, step by step assessment provides a complete work area review and supports your privacy without anyone coming to your work area or home.

Contact us and we will discuss the virtual assessment process and provide an overview of this efficient and easy process and system requirements:

  • Do you use a Mac or PC - we will then send matching web camera
  • Confirm date and time that works best for you to utilize web camera via Skype to view work.  (Easy to follow instructions are provided on using web cam and installing Skype)
  • Step by step checklist will provide us with information on your specific work area and habits to assist with assessment - no confidential information is required
  • Assessment is completed with follow-up documentation of suggested changes to your work area and work practices
  • Follow-up assessment within 2 weeks to answer questions and discuss effectiveness of changes
  • Web camera is returned to us via pre-paid pre-addressed mailer

Contact us to schedule your assessment.

Last updated on May 19, 2010 by Ellen Meyer