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The position of your ears and elbows while you work is important for your working comfort and is a good way to check for neutral posture.

Neutral posture, the position that is most effective with the least amount of stress on the body, is the key for comfort and good ergonomics, and is when


  • Your ears are directly over your shoulders, where an earring would hang, and
  • Your shoulders are relaxed, and
  • Your upper arms and elbows are straight down at your sides


In this resting position, muscles are not contracted or stretched 

  • Head is balanced on the spinal column, not tilted forward, back or to either side, and 
  • Arms are not elevated to the side, not pulled across in front of your body, not raised towards your back
A quick check for neutral posture:
  • Stand or sit up straight
  • Arms to side with your shoulders relaxed
  • Elbows close to your body

When you are working in neutral posture you should feel increased comfort and energy that you can then use for another fun activity!





Last updated on May 1, 2010 by Ellen Meyer