ergo SAVVY Ergonomics and Safety Training workshops are a great way to engage a whole team or department and share important tips and practices for working safely, comfortably, and efficiency. 

Workshops can be customized to fit the needs and interests of your team or group, or you can choose from a list of popular topics.  Sample topics include:


  • Get Your Erg On TM General ergonomics information
  • Making Your Office Work for You: A-Z office ergonomics
  • Working Smarter on the Line: Ergonomics for production employees
  • Ergonomics and LEAN: Streamlining your work and processes
  • Leverage Your Lift: Tips and strategies for manual materials handling
  • Why Ergonomics is Good Business: Ergonomics helps management save time and money
  • Train the Trainer: Ergonomics skills and leadership for onsite teams

SAFETY Training

  • Leverage Your Lift: Tips and strategies for manual materials handling
  • Accident Investigations: Process to lead effective accident investigations
  • Industrial Hygiene Overview: Basics of Air Quality and Noise Sampling
  • Confined Space Entry: Review of confined space entry permit and procedure process
  • Lockout/Tagout: Training in machine specific porcedures
  • Blood Borne Pathogens: Review of DOSH requirements
  • Slips, trips, & falls: Walkng working services review and hazard control
  • Hazard Assessment with PPE Assessment: Review of DOSH Requirements for industry
  • Chemical Hazard Communication (GHS): Review of SDS and how it applies to your workplace
  • Effective Safety Committees: How to be effective while meetong regulatory requirements
  • Handling Compliance Inspections: Guidance to prepare for your next inspection
  • Strategies for Accident Prevention: A review of system safety and solutions
  • Management’s Role In Safety: Comprehensive overview for effective safety leadership
  • Safety Discussion Leader: How to get safety  "buy-in" from workers and management


All workshops are:

  • One hour, or longer if needed
  • Onsite or virtual (web-based), your choice
  • Hands-on, interactive, and based on adult learning principles
  • Customized to specific workplace needs or scenarios, with advance notice
  • Designed to engage both employees and management


When entire teams are educated on Ergonomics and/or Safety:

  • Proactive prevention of injuries, reducing lost work time, occurs
  • Managers understand risks and how to provide appropriate support for prevention
  • Managers and employees have the knowledge and resources to take action immediately
  • The working environment is enhanced by a feeling of safety and collaboration.


Think an Ergonomics Training might be right for your group or team? We'd love to create an agenda just for you.  Contact us at (425) 248-8490, or